1000 Fibers Connect Us

Hello! It’s me again!
I’m delighted to be back with Betsy Fisher Online and a brand new platform to connect with you all!
Isn’t it wonderful to be almost anywhere in the world, today, and chat like we just finished each other’s sentences?
My dearest recollections of the years I spent living in Washington DC were with the Betsy Fisher Store. It was more than just a hub for buying contemporary clothes. We were a club where smart and beautiful women came to let their hair down and exchange ideas. We talked a lot about clothes but we often shed those layers and learned more about what unites us - and Betsy Fisher Online aims to maintain that same vibe.
So much has changed over the years. Today we take our fashion cues from celebrities and social media mavens. The digital world has become a potent trend setter with customized advertising targeting our tastes. We’re no longer unfamiliar with shopping online.
What remains steadfast is our collective passion for fashion. So many of our customers are style icons in their own right. I have learned much of what I know about clothing from the women who shop with us. You are the guides that inform Betsy what to add to our lines.
If fabric is defined as cloth then we became united by a common thread. What was not so common was that we found common ground by a mutual appreciation of integrity and moral fiber - and that’s a bond only spider silk can rival!
2020 was a game-changer for us. Some of us left jobs, changed cities, changed countries. Others telecommuted, homeschooled, or split their time between home and home offices. For many, new wardrobes weren’t foremost on our minds. Yet for others, new dress codes would factor in as we moved to new environs or learned to sit half-dressed at virtual conferences tables.
For me, moving west to New Mexico afforded the freedom to spend a lot of time outdoors - and while I hung my citified clothes out of reach, I had to satisfy my addiction for jackets with some casual western style gear for the dusty trails. I also found a new addiction to hats, not just for sun protection, but because they are such a great persona changers! My friends tell me I still look like I come from New York City. But, you know - I yam what I yam!
I’d love to know how 2020 influenced what you wear. I’d love nothing more than to hear from friends, old and new. What do you see for the future? Who has the crystal ball on fashion trends?
One thing to count on as we climb out of our caves and return to a “normal” way of life are the invisible fiber optic threads keeping us in communication.
I’m here, and hoping for as long as we live may we always have occasion to dress for life’s occasions!
Yours Truly,