June 1, 2023

Meet Viviana Gabeiras

Viviana Gabeiras, the creator of Petit Pois, welcomed me to her Hialeah, Florida warehouse that encloses her studio, showroom, factory, and shipping facilities. Meticulous and orderly, the facility hums with the purpose, people, and myriad machines that realize Viviana's desire to offer women uniquely colorful and practical clothing.

True to our podcast purpose, Viviana describes perfectly how what she imagines becomes the clothing in your closet and how she acquired the skills to make that happen!

Viviana owned a retail store and a home in Venezuela. Her drive to learn, create, and succeed in fashion impelled her to sell both and to come to the US - at 19 - for school. She graduated from the best, Parsons School of Design, in 1984. After 16 years of working for and partnering in other companies, Viviana struck out on her own with Petit Pois in 2000.

Viviana smashed the odds against every small business owner by bringing new fabrics, original styles, and creative ways of dressing to an appreciative audience. With her husband at her side, they enjoy a rich family life and surmount business challenges: the pandemic, skilled labor shortages, and the requirements of a rollercoaster economy.

Viviana and Rafael should teach a Masterclass on how mindset, agility, planning, and resourcefulness fuel decades of success in the fickle world of fashion. Our visit closed with shopping, of course! 

If listening to this episode inspires you to add some special Petit Pois to your wardrobe, you can follow the link below to her site. 

To enjoy a video of the Fall 2023 Gemini Collection, click below.

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