Black Everyday

An All Black Winter Wardrobe
May you have Good Company

Happy Holidays!

And Be Well Dressed!

betsy's edits

From chic classics to statement pieces, Betsy's Edits group special items from many desginers by theme. Enjoy finding a look for a night out in the city, for a celebration, or for a change of season.

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black everyday
Your all black winter wardrobe.
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Holiday Nights Out
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Jacket WOODCROFT2 | Deep Blue
Holiday Evenings In
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Maison Marie Saint Pierre | BRIANAKE2 | Dress | Fog
Everyday Dressing
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Betsy's Studio
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A Comfortable Pump

The Holy Grail of pumps embodies confidence and elegance, feels like a sneaker, and lets you stride through a miles-long, 12-hour stretch with ease.

A Visit with Marie

Marie Saint Pierre, one of Canada’s best-known and loved designers, gave me a tour of her Montreal atelier and then sat down to discuss the origins of her clothing line and the interplay between the skills her business requires and her essence.