Wearing Love

    To dress is to choose what helps us meet the day at two levels: a practical level that addresses our myriad activities; and at a deeper level, as our means of communicating with everyone we encounter.
    When you or a beloved friend or family member becomes ill or ages, dressing can be an ordeal.  A long day of treatments, a loss of dexterity and strength, and the need to deal with new circumstances each day make it all the more affirming to wear the right piece, to know from its touch that one is loved. 
    Wearing Love will gradually grow into a collection of pieces to be worn and gifted. Each piece makes getting through a tough day easier thanks to a dash of style and comfort.
    Additionally, the sale of any Wearing Love piece generates a contribution to Legacy of Grace, a foundation that funds housing and care for the indigent elderly at Arlington's award-winning Culpepper Garden Retirement Community. For more information about Legacy of Grace, see our blog post. 
    Thank you, Joan Goodman and PONO, for creating the first piece specifically for this collection! 



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