The ease of wearing the right dress has been a Betsy Fisher theme, born of poor time management and high style aspirations! 

One of the easiest dresses to wear is an overgrown T-shirt that becomes a wardrobe staple when it has enough length, arm coverage, and a flattering drape. 

Why these Marie Saint Pierre dresses?

Both MSP print dresses share versatility, comfort, and a touch of drama.  The simple shapes rendered in Marie’s own prints and jerseys result in deceptively casual dresses that go from a sightseeing stroll with sneakers, to a fine brunch with heels, and to the office with seasonally appropriate shoes and boots.  

Not everyone will enjoy the volume, but the a-line shape is kind and sophisticated. Enjoy it straight out of the box, and when time allows, an expert tailor can modify the shape and length to your taste.  

New Marie Saint Pierre pieces often work well with others you’ve collected. The dresses are 2022 purchases, but the jackets are from 2020, 2017, and 2015!  

Both dresses are available on sale in some sizes and colors, but the primary goal of this post is for you to take the idea of experimenting with footwear, jackets, and sweaters to see if the dresses in your closet have a greater range across the seasons and occasions than you might have thought!

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