Catherine Gee

Playful and sophisticated, Catherine Gee's iconic silk Daria shirt and cotton embroidered t-shirts offer easy wardrobe upgrades. Share Daria eye-candy with all your friends in person and on-screen. The deliciously comfortable t's charm under an MSP jacket and can make your work and your workout looks unique! 

Beate Heymann

Beate Heymann Street Couture from Germany features super chic silhouettes including Dresses, Pants and Tops in exquisite fabrics that always look fabulous! 

Our Beate Heymann online shop offers our favorite picks of the season, pre order specials and a personal online stylist to help you find your best look.

Kinross Cashmere

Kinross Cashmere is the premier brand of Dawson Forte Cashmere. Their story began 20 years ago under the umbrella of a world-renowned cashmere company headquartered in Kinross, Scotland. Rather than follow fleeting trends, their passion is to create original products that are inspired by nature, modern in design and hand-crafted to endure. Pure, natural, soft and sophisticated, our luxury products offer effortless elegance and timeless style for everyday living. From goat to garment, they carry the knowledge and experience accumulated over years spent in every aspect of a global cashmere business. Kinross is respected in the industry for its premium quality, exceptional customer service, and strong social and environmental conscience. Kinross Cashmere is the ultimate expression of these shared Betsy Fisher values.


Designed by Mi Jong Lee, Emmelle shares in the sophisticated aesthetic of Mi Jong's eponymous collection, also featured on this site. Emmelle focuses on elegant, easy-to-wear staples for everyday and social occasions.  Fabrics drape and travel well, and shapes flatter. Signature fabrics include silk, lustrous crepe, microlinen, and satin.Most pieces from Emmelle run generously.  Please check the measurement charts and Get to Know Thy Inches! 

Hilton Hollis

Called Awakenings, the collection interprets seasonal themes of rebirth and renewal through fresh color, touches of whimsy, and lighthearted tweaks to classics. Hilton has predicted BF fan favorites! 


HEYNE BOGUT pushes the edge of contemporary fashion with functional, sophisticated pieces that travel seamlessly between formal and casual, with a strong textile based design concept that defies the mercurial nature of passing trends. Design, quality and utility are the three core brand values with respect to craftsmanship and a blend of tradition and inventiveness.

Iris Setlakwe

A lifestyle collection, Iris Selakwe is designed for women who celebrate the power of femininity. Iris's full life informs her collection. Long hours at the studio and on the road require traveling clothes that don't wrinkle; time with family appreciating outdoor life and the arts requires versatility.  Fashion trends interpreted through her practical lens result in seasonless core fabrics that drape well, silhouettes that flatter curves, and a modern, sporty aesthetic that women from 18 to 88 enjoy wearing. 


Inspired by women’s lives and needs, ecru's aim is to define a style code and wardrobe with an edit that revolves around focused options and signature styles. Their iconic pieces are styled with a look defined by feminine silhouettes, perfected cuts, and elevated fabrics that are subtly refined for a well curated wardrobe that transcends trends.  

Judith & Charles

Each Judith & Charles collection fuses aspects of its creators, Judith and Charles: feminine softness and strength are integrated with the inspirations of well-structured menswear.We design the collection in Montreal, and manufacture 80% of it locally, allowing us to support our city's economy and to maintain careful oversight throughout the production process. Every collection features our strongest assets: fit and excellent quality.FilterSORT


Mason’s is not only the beauty of Italian Landscape but represents also the luxury of certain historical locations: Renaissance villas and art objects continuously inspire the search for elegance beyond time.

In Mason's Luxury is an aesthetic experience in which art, design and innovation are combined, suggesting  life in a new Concept Store: pinch of irony and lightness, the classicism of a fresco, a plaster statue revisited in a modern key, through a lacquering, and of the design frames formed by mirrors, which transform the hanging items into works of art.

Mi Jong Lee

Mi Jong Lee is a designer women’s ready-to-wear collection designed and produced exclusively in New York City under the creative direction of the brand’s namesake Korean-American designer, Mi Jong Lee.

Masion Marie Saint Pierre

A leading pioneer in the Canadian fashion scene, Marie Saint Pierre remains at the top of her game after her 30-year journey. A remarkable achievement in a domain that today rejects what it adored yesterday. Throughout her career, Marie Saint Pierre received numerous awards, grants and rewards for her creations, her entrepreneurial spirit and her commitment to the community. In 2007, she received the Knight of the National Order of Quebec, and it’s the title of Knight of the National Order of Canada and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal that is awarded to her in 2012. The first fashion designer to be admitted to the Arts Academy of Canada. In 2015, she received the Outstanding Achievement Award and in 2018 the Designer of the Year in Women's Fashion from the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards. This year, she will receive the Meritorious Service Medal awarded to her by the Governor General of Canada.


Exquisite materials, colour palettes and textures make winter a bright and appetising season. All while preserving the neutral tones. This is the new Psophía collection, whose nuances and details, once again, give life to the garments, bring intensity and richness offering a complete experience.

Pure Amici

Available only in the finest stores across the country, Pure Amici is a lifestyle brand of sumptuous clothing that combines fashion and function to meet the demanding needs of today's modern woman. 

Each and every season, their team embraces current trends as inspiration to create an exquisite collection of luxurious products that are coveted in the market.

Samantha Sung

Samantha Sung blends bold and unique print designs with silhouettes for the modern woman. A dress for all occasions, Samantha Sung dresses can be worn in the workplace, for a stroll in the park, and also for special occasions.


Part of a clique of avant-garde Montreal designers, Chantal Levesque and her team of more than 100 skilled craftspeople change your expectations about what to wear. Structured scuba goes to the office and fluid silks head to the beach, each garment meticulously crafted for ease of wear.SHAN women's collection has a distinctive, feminine aesthetic that draws from current trends executed in fabrics and prints developed for SHAN in Italy.  Simple shapes belie the level of manufacturing skill and the attention to detail required to make these luxury goods staples for daily use. 


Our selection of PONO hand-crafted pieces starts with earrings, flows through necklaces, and displays bracelets last.

Designed by Joan Goodman, manufactured by a family-owned and operated Italian firm, and quickly dispatched by operations queen, Barbara Barnett, Joan's sister and cofounder, PONO makes gifting easy!

Sarah Graham

By incorporating innovative materials with her exceptional design sense, Sarah Graham creates jewelry that is unlike anything else; organic, textural, with a muted palate that is subtly feminine, yet substantial; unique, yet universal in its appeal.