POP! BASALT brings some of our finest designers to TACAW, 30 minutes down valley from Aspen.

If you have a special occasion or travel on the horizon, make an appointment to work with distinguished designer Mi Jong Lee who will customize her beautiful designs to meet your needs. Drop in for Heyne Bogut hand-crafted t's and dresses and to order Fall '22 from Hilton Hollis, Mi Jong Lee, and Emmelle.  You'll also find super summer sale items from Betsy Fisher Online!  

Featured Designers

The Fall Collections of these designers will be availible to order at POP! BASALT

Join Us at TACAW
July 29th & 30th

The Arts Campus at Willits presents exceptional performing arts, cultural events, and thought-provoking programming that sustain a connected, engaged, and inspired community.

Camp Betsy Activity: POP! BASALT

Join us for one day or all four of Camp Betsy,  an active weekend for the self-directed!

Click Here for Details and Itinerary


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