A Very Peri New Year


So Sunny Yellow wasn’t the light at the end of the tunnel you had hoped for, and Ultimate Gray only made you feel blue. Fear not, The Pantone Institute has a new vision for the future — and Very Peri is going to take you there.

During their year-long research into where we’re headed, they drew inspiration from such places as the gaming world where spirited blue-violet hues flash across video screens. They took field trips and channeled Crepe Myrtle, Wild Lupine, and Texas Bluebonnets.  I suspect a trip to the art store, too, where, like a Gleeful mashup, Crayola's B'Dazzled and Caran D'Ache's Violet inspired harmonies of hues. 

Pantone describes Very Peri as “a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet red undertone that blends the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red.”

Yet when I think of Periwinkle, I’m taken back to that fresh box of Crayolas from my youth. Like a sprig of lavender in sunlight, Periwinkle was the crayon that always caught my eye. I’m reminded of when I first began to notice the pink hues that show up at sunset and the wonder of a periwinkle sky. Very Peri jars these memories and the uplifting calm which simple peri still brings. You might say that Very Peri is a color that takes us back to the future.

If Pantone and color can predict the future, this outfit from Tod may epitomize how Veri Peri will influence what we wear this year.

In our more casual world, the color seems to crown leisure chic and say, we’re going places!

Photo courtesy of Vogue Magazine

Or will you wear the hue as part of a psychedelic mix? Fashion houses from Loro Piana to Paco Rabanne are electrified with inspiration. Colorful hippies prance down runways auguring Spring 2022 - but these gals aren’t muddied in Woodstock remembrance. The editors at Harper's Bazaar tell us to "take note of interesting shapes, proportions, and weaving techniques that make these looks inescapably for here and now. “

Photo courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

Wherever you’re going, or not going in 2022, color will no doubt continue to color your world. Even the absence of color provides a framework from within which we dress. Just look through the black and white closets in cities everywhere and ponder the pundits who tell us sparkle and shimmer will lift our spirits this coming year.

Pantone says "Color keeps us talking”, an understatement, as the subject itself produces dozens of theories and still lacks transparency.

On that note, I am predicting Very Peri will find its way into champagne glasses and cocktails as we toast to the New Year. Lest a Scotsman be horrified to find a Peri-Tini in his cup o’ cheer — may we let go the sorrows of the past and find fond remembrance: “We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet for days of auld lang syne.

Cheers, Seasons Greetings and           

Happy New Year my friends…

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  • Alyn hadar

    Quite happy with the two Kinross sweaters I bought online

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